Friday, December 16, 2011

xia gives back!

it's christmastime and the right time to share our blessings to our less fortunate fellows.

and xia has to be part of it!

our team in the office came up with a jollibee christmas party for disabled kids and their families. instead of us giving each other gifts, we decided to just pool the money and put up a charity event. we don't need too many things that will turn out as clutter anyway...

so we spent one wonderful afternoon with the kids of KASAMAKA foundation and of course JOLLIBEE himself!

xia had a great time at the party. though she's still very little to join in the games, she enjoyed watching the bigger kids playing and having fun! and she's just sooo behaved the whole time ;) i'm so proud!

here we are in a group picture - all smiles because it was so much fun! and it was rewarding and fulfilling to be able to reach out and make other people happy :)

look, she's doing the wacky pose too! :) CUTENESS!

aside from the fun and enjoyment, i hope xia will remember the value of giving and sharing. i wish that she grows up thankful for her blessings - and in turn be a blessing to others...

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