Friday, December 30, 2011

thanks for the gifts...

we're beyond thankful to ninangs, ninongs, families and friends for the christmas gifts. they are all nice!

gifts from manila were opened up last dec 20 before we went home to cadiz. we used to bring them all along home to open up on christmas eve, but with limited baggage allowance, it's no longer practical. so we ended up unwrapping gifts twice :)

here are the stuff from manila-based ninangs, ninongs, families and friends. everything is awesome! :)

we dressed up the kids on dec 24 for their opening of gifts. ate jai and kuya matt were all dying to unwrap their gifts for days already so they were really excited that the time has finally come! :P

ate jai in action:

kuya matt giddy with the most wonderful gift he received - from me :)

and of course, the little princess got her vtech camera! she has shown interest in taking pictures and just so she will not tinker my camera, i got one for herself - a toy version of course :) this can take still photos, videos and some games, too! she was so happy to get it...

Xia ended up getting a couple of hair accessories, a pair of cute earrings, many dresses/clothes which were all trendy and hip, a number of bags, several toys and a pair of shoes!

aren't they all cute? Xia is one happy kid because of all of your wonderful gifts! :)

thank you from the bottom of our hearts :)

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