Monday, December 26, 2011

picture, picture!

dropping by playstudio in robinsons-bacolod has become part of our itinerary as soon as we arrive home. it is the best alternative to the very pricey picture company in manila.

i love taking pictures of xia. i have collected several thousands of them already and i have no plans to stop taking snaps of her. she's growing up very fast... and in due time, her childhood will end up as memories - so there's no better way than to capture memories in pictures!

and nothing can beat the pictures taken by professionals :) the mama has been hoping to take professional course on photography but i don't think it will be realized anytime soon as that has been the plan for 4yrs now haha!

here are some of the snaps taken of the cutest little girl in the world :P

haha i don't know who taught her to do this sign - parang cue lang for a commercial break during the 90's era :D

she loves this cart - and hope to find and get one for her when we go back to manila. she would look too cute going around the condo pushing this cart - the same way she does with her baby trolley :D

i love this closeup shot of her, i had this printed in 8r size!

she had no qualms using the umbrella as props for the pictorial. such an obedient model hahaha!

and to make it more fun - the cousins were there too! go see the bunch of pretty lil kids we have :)

merry christmas and a happy new year!

with a big bang!!! :)

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