Sunday, December 11, 2011

my lil fashionista :)

i love dressing Xia up - i look forward to it every time we go out, go to school and attend parties. i think about her outfit more than i do for my own :)

my tweetums :)

my lil ballerina goes to school :)

jumu-jodhpur pants din ang baby ko :)

i love denims on her! + toms, of course :)

nagwi-winter jacket din pag umuulan! :D

and the latest outfit i so love! she looks like a little dalaga :D with the pa-demure pose pa haha!

she's starting to appreciate clothes - and most of the time chooses her own shoes to wear. yes, she's a shoes girl. even with her day-to-day slippers, she has a say on it. so amazing that at this very early stage, she knows how to pick the right match to go with her outfit! kaloka in a nakakatuwa way! :D

i know i've said it over and over and reminded myself not buy too many clothes for her because she grows up very fast and she only gets to wear her clothes once or twice. but sorry folks, can't help it! in fairness to myself, i don't go overboard and don't get the pricey ones. i buy her branded stuffs (zara, guess, etc) once in awhile - but most of the time, they are only local brands which are affordable. also, we're thankful that a lot of ninongs, ninangs, family and friends buy her the cutest things :)

she will start pre-school next year and mukhang mapapalaban ako ng bongga in dressing her up everyday! but that gets me so excited - so bring it on hahaha!

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