Tuesday, November 1, 2011

halloween is... all about xia! :)

we always look forward to halloween / trick or treat parties - especially the one arranged at the condo. moms and kids go all out for it. and we expected it to be bigger this time, now that all the mid-rise buildings are occupied.

unlike last year, when i just bought xia's costume in the nick of time (she ended up very cute still hehehe) as i had an impending trip to NY then that got eventually moved a month after due to VP promotion process... here she was in 2010.

this time, i prepared for it! not the "creative" kind of preparation as i am the most un-creative person on earth - i can't do anything crafty, i swear! but i'm good at researching a.k.a surfing through the net for off-the-rack halloween costumes for kids. and it was so timely that a good friend from the US came over for a vacation a week before halloween and she offered to order for me and bring it home! i was the happiest mom hehehehe!!! thanks so much rom :)

and i had the dilemma on choosing which ones are really best for xia - as there are hundreds of goood ones, it's hard to choose one or two! if money was no object, i could have bought them all hehehe... so i ended up with two - and supposedly the other one is for next year (one size bigger than the other) - but xia ended up wearing them into different events :)

here she was in halloween 2011:

xia as the cutest strawberry on earth!

and the adorable black kitty!

blow by blow account on the halloween events she joined in up next :)

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