Friday, November 4, 2011

halloween 2011 - part 2: the royal trick or treat

the most anticipated halloween event was the royal trick or treat arranged by the condo's property management office (PMO). we had a blast last year - so every kid at royal palm residences (including parents) were so looking forward to it this year!

and true enough - this year was a bigger event: 5x the number of kids from last time, more shows and prizes, photobooth, face painting, bubble wrap (this unfortunately we were not able to avail!), jollibee snack for kids and of course, trick or treat!

so my black kitty went with her gang - the same gang she went with last time + kuya toto this time (who went as a pirate). aren't they cute? :)

we grabbed a seat at the venue and someone touched her from behind - thinking she was a stuffed toy! LOL.

there was face painting outside and we thought it would be nicer to make her really look like a cat. look, how she's so behaved while at it!

and here she was after that - tadddaaa!!!

we took the best front seat for the magka-berks - xia, gamie and blair so we can see all the shows.

there were several games and a magic show. and my black kitty paid attention but would sometimes get sidetracked too with all the hullaballoo going around :)

but guess who made them all giddy and excited?! no - not frankenstein, not any wizards or witches nor shrek or any halloween-relevant personality. it's JOLLIBEE hahaha!

ohhh i can't get enough of her cuteness!

on the way out of the venue, we bumped into some friends whom we took pictures with while waiting for our queue at the photobooth:

and nothing can be as exciting as the trick or treat itself!!!

first stop was the casper-themed kata building.

on to karon building with the ghostbuster theme.

yanoi had dumbledore, the wizards and harry potter :) with tita tin handing her out some treats!

nui was on a twilight-mode :)

xia freaked out on this nightmare on elm street theme of samui building. but still never failed to ask for some treats :)

and railay as usual go all-out on their friday the 13th theme.

THANK YOU royal palm for the spectacular halloween experience this year!

it was so full of fun! and by this time, we are already excited for the next year's party! so let me end this post with our photobooth pic :)

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