Sunday, October 23, 2011

kindermusik: wiggles & giggles - last day

yesterday was xia's 2nd kindermusik class last day. and teacher elaine went through all the activities that the kids really like. so the little tots had a blast.

johnny, johnny hoops thrills xia as she is swayed from left to right and front to back. it's evident in this pic that she enjoys the way she's thrown sideways and up in the air!

the next favorite is the ring around activity where we fall down to the mat after the song. she plays this most of the time at home...

and as always, she finds her spot onto teacher elaine's lap when it's time for some recognize-that-sound activity.

there are still more activities but these are some of her most favorites.

and after singing the goodbye song - it was time for class picture. but as expected, there's not much decent pictures with the kids. they just can't stay put even for just awhile! some of them wasn't even able to make it in the pictures anymore. sigh, i admire teacher elaine's patience!

now, i don't know if i will be bother with this picture haha! noah seemed to have developed his fondness with xia after their 15 sessions together. hmmm...

and hey, we are part of the class too - so we joined the class picture with teacher and kids :)

we have 2 weeks rest before the next class. it's kindermusik: zoo train next!

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