Wednesday, November 2, 2011

halloween 2011 - part 1: gateway mall

xia had a dentist appointment last oct 29 at the araneta center area - i had to have her chipped front tooth fixed in time for the start of trick or treat! with all the candies she's going to get, hayy... poor teeth!

and as a diligent mom, since it's halloween season - i had to check if there's going to be a trick or treat for kids. we were just in time for it, too!

so off we go... in her strawberry costume! :) this was taken at the little garden inside the mall with fishpond and gazebo.

oh yeah, i know it needs to be in a disney costume... but i can still bring her in and just not join the costume party. i'm a disney fan (and more so my xia), no doubt about it, BUT naahh - i'm not really a fan of their costumes for kids! or maybe i just got used to it - seeing it all the time, so i already find it too boring! ooops, this is just my opinion - no offense meant to people who still prefer it...

anyway... we had to buy stuff from the mall worth P300 so we can get in. there are photobooths, facepaint, kiddie shows and the kids enjoyed the trick or treat most! kids were allowed to go around the mall for 2hrs and get some treats from participating stores.

but before that, we had to grab a quick lunch at the mall's foodcourt since it was already around 12:30pm.

here she was showing off her butterfly face paint while waiting for her food, so cute! :)

we had a dentist appointment at 2pm at a nearby clinic so we had to pass by the stores that give out treats on our way out. she was so game in asking for treats!

then off we went to see the dentist for the binibining pilipinas' (yes, including Ms Universe 3rd runner up Shamcey Supsup). he's the dentist of the araneta's so all reigning queens go through him. lucky xia!

and since we came from trick or treat, she was munching on her treats while on the dentist chair! :D

doc had to laminate the chipped tooth to prevent from further chipping / damage. the procedure took around 10mins with her mouth open the whole time. and i was too proud of her that she was soooo behaved the whole time and never complained! it was not easy for us adults to keep our mouth open for long - how much more to my bulilit! and the doc couldn't be happier as he was also anticipating tantrums from xia. but no qualms whatsoever :) good job, my xia!

and ironically, after the procedure - as expected, she rummaged through her treats again one by one :D

went back to the event to check out what's going on, and kids were scrambling around. we couldn't get in...

so we ended up going around the mall - with some people taking pictures of my strawberry :)

it was a fun, fun, fun day for my xia - i saw it from her eyes! and i - as always - am a happy mom! :)

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