Sunday, October 9, 2011

thank you, Steve Jobs!

she may be too young to understand... but Steve Jobs rocked her world with the ipad2.

it keeps her preoccupied.

at the airport while waiting for our flight (to HK):

at the hotel (in HK):

at the province with cousins:

at out-of-town trips:

at the beach...

mama could no longer use it until she sleeps - she has call it her own now :) she's good at angry birds and fruit ninja. she enjoys talking tom and i hear ewe. she loves snow white and the little mermaid. and so much more!

look, she loves my macbook too!

you have touched her life, Steve Jobs! you are a great part of what she is now - because 1/4 of the time she's awake, she's also with her ipad.

you will be sorely missed by the world!


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