Sunday, October 9, 2011

mickey music festival!

Xia went to see Disney Live: Mickey Music Festival - the very first concert she watched!

we came from Novaliches that day, so we were in Araneta 2 hours before the concert so as to get a parking space as well as explore Gateway - it was also her first time there.

she was crazy about the hanging paper butterflies on display at the mall!

we headed to our seats (302, G1 / G2) 30 minutes before the start time and met ninang ann and family.

xia and dana got busy with coloring book while waiting for the show to start.

and at 7:15pm, donald duck and goofy opened the show.

then mickey and minnie joined them shortly! and the crowd of kids and oldies (including myself) got so ecstatic :) xia can't stop clapping and pointing to mickey and minnie!

aladdin and princess jasmine were there - they have beautiful voices.

the next favorite after mickey and minnie is of course, ariel - the little mermaid! unfortunately, i was busy taking videos of her performance, just realized i have not captured her pictures. but will just post a separate video of her.

the toy story characters showed up next.

buzz lightyear was also there but he did not do so much so no pictures for him :)

then it was time for their last performance where everyone was there! it was captured in video - so i better post the highlights in video next time :)

while the best available seat we got was the upper box A, it wasn't that bad. i think it was better for video taking as you can see the whole stage. and xia did not mind it too - she just enjoyed it!

got so concerned that xia will sleep through it as she has not slept the whole day. but she was all awake during the entire show! just goes to show, it was worth it :)

two thumbs up MICKEY! :) after HK disneyland and araneta - we hope to see more of you!

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