Thursday, January 23, 2014

to move or not move?

it's enrolment season again in xia's school.  and during this time, i think hard and long if i keep her in the same school or move out... 

i don't have issue on the quality of learning that xia is getting from the school.  she is growing up to be an independent and inquisitive kid.  her use of the english language is quite advanced and actually impressive!  the school is not only focused on academics.  it teaches kids also how to fold clothes, cut vegetables, water the plants, polish shoes, care for the environment as part of the curriculum on practical life.  when i had my parent observation session 2 weeks ago, i'm surprised at the way kids behave around the classroom.  i always envision pre-schools to be loud with kids talking at the same time, moving/running around - but in xia's school, it was so quiet!  kids are taught not to bother classmates, to speak softly when they need to, and to stay put in their activity area.  i have also seen how they reach out for their materials to work on and how they put them back in its original state.  such amazing kids and teachers, of course!  

now the only issue is the skyrocketing tuition fees - it is now at a freaking 153k for the whole day casa class for the next school year!!! i feel so sad thinking about it...  of course, you get what you pay for but does it really have to be that expensive???!!!   

xia still has a long way to go in terms of schooling.  so i figured, i have to really save a lot for it (starting from 4yrs ago haha)!  that's why the thought of moving her to a cheaper school comes up.  but taking into account that her education from 3-6yo is quite important as it is considered her formative years, makes me think twice of moving out... 

now i'm torned and confused...  :(  :(  :(  

may God lead me through the right way on this...  He knows that i only want the best for xia...  


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