Wednesday, January 15, 2014

back in the jungle called manila #latepost

trying to catch up on posts.  we had so much fun in the province during the holidays and hope i can post them all soon...

well, we're back in the jungle on jan 5 after 21 days vacation in the province - the longest vacation i took since i started working!  upon touchdown in manila, i asked xia if she missed manila and she responded: "no, i miss cadiz!"...  awwwww she really enjoys her stay there with family!  cadiz will always be home to us...

anyway, the house has been neglected also for 3 weeks since i sent home the househelpers to be with their family during the holidays...  so everything in the house was chaos as expected - the car has accumulated layers of dusts and the grass starts to wither (good thing we have a kind neighbor who we have requested to water the plants so it wasn't really very bad)...

xia volunteered to wash the car and water the plants - and she enjoyed it that she forgot homesickness for awhile.  she did a really good job at it!!! 

she's such a darling!!!  in 2yrs time i don't need a yaya for her and she can already help in the household chores :)

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