Sunday, February 12, 2012

trial class for xia's pre-school

i guess i really can't stop the time now. the little girl will have to go to preschool soon!!!

after months of searching through a school for xia (and getting exasperated for the high tuition fees), i decided to try out the abba's orchard at the piazza in mckinley hill. the montessori method of teaching appealed to me best. i attended the parent orientation and had the lil girl scheduled for a trial class.

we were given 3 days (MWF), 8-10am schedule on feb 6,8, and 10 to experience the class. i am psyching her up about it - but i really noticed her interest with school from the 4th quarter of last year with her kindermusik class. she would always talk about school! so she was pretty excited about her more formal school...

first day: i was with her inside the room just observing...

she follows teacher's orders, sit with new friends, does her own thing when teacher is busy with other kids, eats her snacks on her own...

i tend to go out from time to time just to see her reaction and would come back if she starts to look for me... look at mama taking a peep from outside! (silly, i know haha!)

first day came out as a breeze! she kept singing the new song she learned :) old mc donald had a farm e i e i o...

2nd day: i left her on her own with her 2 teachers and classmates. i did not say goodbye to her so she won't realize that she was left alone - i just turned my back when she got in her class. i was not really expecting drama coz of the way she gets excited about school: she asked when she woke up the next morning - "going to school mama?". so i had the clue that she can get by. and true enough - she did! :) **proud grin from a proud mama**

we were just called up when school finished and she just happily went out of the class when she saw us outside fetching her.

can you tell she really enjoyed it? :)

3rd day: i kissed her goodbye this time when she went in as i know she doesn't mind this time being alone with her teachers and classmates - she has done that already! they had an outdoor activity and when she passed by us, she just waved at us. no drama of getting out of teacher's grip and drag me to go with her - she continued on walking to the play area - awww she's a big girl now!

i talked to her teacher after - and she passed the assessment! teacher said she's ready for pre-school and no need for the summer class. she's attentive, she follows what the teacher is saying, she's well-behaved but she just tend to be overly quiet. so i think in the next 3 months before school, i need to train her up to overcome her shyness. she is talkative at home and to people she's very comfortable with - and it takes time for her to warm up with new people she meets. so hopefully before the class starts in june - she can chat up anybody already!

and to celebrate another important milestone, she got for herself her favorite mc donald's choco sundae! :D

my big LOVE is now ready for school!!!

and so now... we can hardly wait for june! :)

p.s. photos are not allowed in class so i don't really have decent pics as they are just stolen... sssshhhh....


  1. Hi how much is d tuition fee at abba...tnx much

    1. hi, it's at 140k this school year for casa class. they offer discounts depending on mode of payment.