Sunday, February 26, 2012

out-of-town weekend

drove down south a few weeks ago with ninangs dayds and resie.  ninang dayds will go through an operation that week and we would want to treat her out so she won't spend time home and be scared of what's going to happen during the operation.  

we ended up in the usual tagaytay - but this time we tried the antonio's grill.  

the baby girl was not on her top form when we arrived as she just woke up.  she looked bored here - umi-emo :)  

we bumped into sophie - xia's close friend from the condo - with her family.  it was drizzling and windy - that's why they were both bundled up.  

food was good - you can always count on antonio's (we tried the breakfast in antonio's last year and it was sarap!) :)

xia had the kadios soup but did not really like it that much... 

so she ended up munching piknik and a box of chocs that ninang dayds brought for her.  

we can hardly see taal and there's not much left to do due to the bad weather.  so we decided to drop by nuvali on our way back since it was still early.

xia had a great time feeding the fishes she finished the 3 packs of feeds! :)  

xia in action
and to cap off the day, xia had the dirty ice cream and suman + mangga + hot choco for mom from crisostomo! 

'twas a fun day with the ninangs! :)

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