Friday, October 14, 2016

best travel buddy

I can't wait for another travel adventure with Xia!  It's going to be soon, yahoo!!!

Xia is the coolest travel buddy.  She loves the airplane rides, the sightseeing, learning the culture of other people...  I wish she would love the food, too - but being the picky eater that she is, that's the least that she finds pleasure in.  I am sure she will get there in no time :)  Mamamana din nya for sure ang katakawan ko hehehe...

Here's reminiscing some of our travels together that didn't make it into this blog because I was too lazy...  Still hoping I can document the details here soon when I go into my sabbatical from work.

So fun to travel with my little miss!  She's no-fuss, always-on-the-go, can-walk-miles kind of a companion, really awesome!!! 

We are off again in two weeks to bond more and collect precious memories (and great pictures) again!!!  

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