Wednesday, October 22, 2014

grateful for today...

my heart is sooo full - all the time!  but today is even more special for two reasons...

xia's school celebrated the United Nation's Day.  i really love the way her school celebrates events like this - no fuss, no frills and no stress to parents!  totally suits me.  just like from the linggo ng wika, the kids were just advised to go school with any national costume.  they can even use the filipinianas if nothing else is available.  i had to do a little effort of asking friends for old costumes of their kids and was able to borrow a grasskirt from xia's ninang ann.  i just bought cheap accessories from the all P66 store to go with it :)  i am in no way going to spend more for it hehe...

i was surprised to find out from her yaya that she took home one of the best in costume awards!  there are 3 awardees in every class and she took one of those!!! i am very pleased about it especially that i didn't spend much for it haha!

but that is not just that!  xia got her midterm exam results for the 2nd sem and she got an almost perfect score again!!!  oh yeah, there's another stubborn 1 point missed but i am not complaining...  xia was just too amazing!!! #loveyourown ;)  

i get emotional at this because sometimes i think of giving up the tutoring and just hire someone who can help xia out.  it's no easy feat to go home from work (with all the stress esp that i am into this very complex project now!) and had to review her with her lessons before bedtime and do it again when we wake up.  i have to prepare worksheets while she sleeps to leave to her to do after school just in case i can't go home early the next night.  i have these huge eyebags now i swear!!! 

but honestly, i love doing this for her even if i am dead tired!  she has so much energy when we do this together.  so i can't just stop like that.  besides, time will come when she won't need me anymore and would prefer to do things on her own.  so i'd better cherish these moments when all she wants to be with is mama :) 

kaya ko to! :) aja lang ng aja hehehe!!! 

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