Monday, September 8, 2014

amazing xia!

for the first time this weekend, i was not able to teach and prepare xia for the week's lessons.  this was because the teacher has not provided the lesson guide for the next term and i also thought i need to give xia a rest since last week was tough because of the end-term exam for the first term.  she deserved a break after the rigid review we've been through.  in fairness to her, she was so cooperative during the week-long ordeal of going through her lessons.

she went to school today without knowing what her lessons are.  and i was glad she came home with perfect scores!!!  they did a lot at school today in english, math and filipino.  allow me to brag :)

and again the math worksheet reminds us that we REALLY have to practice more on writing!  while she answered correctly, there is still a lot to improve... me ika-career ako sa weekend hehehe!

so there, she can actually function properly on her own :)  it's good to know that you can just toss her in the water and you know she will survive.  that means a lot!!! :)

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