Friday, June 29, 2012

birthday @ abba's

xia celebrated her birthday in school with teacher lizel and classmates.  the school doesn't allow grand celebration which is good because i don't have plan for it hehehe... 

i got invited over to talk to the kids for 15mins (towards the end of the class) and was asked to bring some pictures of xia when she was small to show to her classmates.  all of them were so bibo aka hyper.  

the lil girl was so happy on her special celebration in school :)  i just brought a small cake, some leftover cupcakes from her party and juice in tetra packs for the kids to take home.  

the kids were so sweet greeting her one by one and giving her a hug :)  

dress: F21 gift from ninangs
and singing "happy birthday" to her:

xia enjoyed her birthday celebs to bits!  she kept on saying "it's my birthday!" :)  

happy to see you sooo happy on your birthday sweetie!  loveyou! :)

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