Saturday, March 24, 2012

movie date: the lorax

today's dentist appointment was cancelled so we ended up catching the lorax movie instead.  this is xia's first official "kiddie" movie watched on a big screen.  the first one she watched was not supposedly for kids her age (harry potter and the deathly hallows) but she enjoyed it anyway (or so i thought)... 

we settled 5mins before screening time with twisted fries, hotdogs on stick and coke - but she being the picky eater ate only the fries.  i tried to document via pictures - keber kung bawal mag picture hehehe... 

before the start of the movie, getting comfortable on her own seat :)  

top: gingersnaps

the end :) 

kakulitan si bulinggit :)  ayaw na pabigyan si mama sa ka-OA-han mag picture-picture :D yes, she changed her top while in the cinema coz she spilt water on it. 

bleeehhh, i got you there!!! :)  she loved the movie, see how giddy she was after the movie!  

i so love my movie date :)  let's do more of this xiatot, ok? :)  
top: pilya&pilyo
pants: big&small co.
shoes: sun-san saltwater sandals

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