Saturday, January 14, 2012

the shoppingera in her :)

today i officially announced it as shopping day for xia! :)

since she's going to her trial classes soon along with the ongoing kindermusik classes, she deserves a treat for new clothes. i know i'm crazy!!! after getting quite a lot of stuff from christmas, they don't seem to be enough :(

but ok, to further justify, everything we bought were at 30-50% off! it's SALE season! so who won't get frantic about shopping :)

she got the hang of her being a shoppingera already :)

and mind you, she tells me which she wants and which she doesn't! she says pangit and nice or beautiful - so you have to get her cues :)

take a peek at her loot for the day:

aren't they all cute? the little darling will surely look good on them! :)

and before going back home, we had to pass by the high street grounds to play a little bit. she loves fountains and stars and lights :)

happy day as always :)

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